Industrial trial at Kanthal, Hallstahammar, Sweden

Video microscope system developed by Swerim was tested at Kanthal during hot rolling process. More than 50 measurements were investigated. The microscope system was tested and proven to be able to capture instances for the entire process on the same steel bar (more than 27 passes, last for approximately 8 minutes) uninterruptedly. Results show the capability of the system deployed in a real-world industrial production environment.  


After improvement of the drone (LED lights, LIDAR installed, housing for the electrical components, dust protection of the motor, new camera, etc.) as well as adaptation of the inspection software for the purposes of SZFG, the new drone was tested at SZFG and the defect can be seen with the drone.  

This will be tested intensively by the SZFG operators during their inspection. 



Field measurement at FERRIERE NORD (Pittini), Osoppo, Italy

Swerim video microscope system was successfully mounted on the unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) system developed jointly by RINA-CSM and DimaSimma during an industrial trial at Ferriere Nord (Pittini), Osoppo. Approximately 56 trials with carried out for detecting subtle vibration on machines in the production line. Videos were recorded for off-line analysis. Newly-developed real-time tracking algorithm was also firstly deployed and tested.  


After fine-tuning, the drone for inspection has been tested at SZFG together with BFI and Multikopter. The inspection software has also evolved and has been adapted for the purpose of the inspection at SZFG. The inspector can use any WIFI-device (such as a tablet) and follows the video during the drone flight. Information about the defects, damage is directly registered in the inspection software and an inspection report can then be uploaded. 


After development/implementation of the software and hardware on the drone, it has been tested first in laboratory and then in a hall at BFI.


Multikopter and BFI worked together on the drone conception and the first version of the drone is available. 

14. - 15.09.2022

Trial tests at Swerim pilot plant in LuleƄ
Approximately 30 trials of camera microscope evaluation were carried out in LuleĆ„ under hot rolling process. Videos were recorded and tested on a newly developed software, which contained both object tracking and magnification algorithm. Images of the laboratory environment and the camera system are shown below.  


DIMASIMMA has developed the first concepts of the ground vehicle for the use case 1.  


After some start difficulties the Elios 2 drone is now operational at SZFG!    


The Elios 2 drone by Flyability has finally arrived. Now SZFG is able to gain valuable experience in operating a UAV and fly first inspection missions. An Elios drone is the perfect companion for inspections in confined and complicated areas, as it is inclosed in a flexible spherical cage which protects the vehicle from crashes when it bumps into obstacles.      


BFI and SZFG have begun working on the first concepts for the uses cases 3 and 4. The first steps are to understand the inspection tasks as well as the documentation and reporting process.   


The project website is online!